Sunday, September 21, 2008

We are with you!

Puncak Nusa Kelana folk up in arms over mall plan

RESIDENTS of Puncak Nusa Kelana in Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, are going all out to save the lake in the area.

About 30 residents showed up at the lake to object to the development of a strip mall at the site.

Coming down: Pumping equipment has already been set up to drain the lake. The condominium can be seen in the background.

“We noticed that they had set up equipment to drain the water from the lake about a week ago but there was no notice put up regarding the development,” Puncak Nusa Kelana Owners and Residents Association (PNKORA) chairman Sudesh Ratnarajah said.

He said even though the lake was not a natural lake, residents were concerned that the draining would affect the soil around it and compromise the safety of their homes.

“We have not been given the traffic and social impact assessment reports.

“There is a school near the lake and it is not viable to have a strip mall there,” Sudesh said.

Help us out: Residents protesting the development at the man-made lake.

Many residents also said the traffic congestion was getting from bad to worse in the area and another commercial development would add to their woes, especially with the issue of the Taman Megah Mas tunnels still unresolved.

According to Kota Damansara assemblyman Dr Nasir Hashim, he had chaired a monthly meeting with the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) on Sept 19 and has requested for another meeting between all the parties concerned, including the developers and residents.

“We’re hoping to have the meeting by next week to clear the air,” he said.

Signature campaign: Sudesh said a signature campaign would be organised to save the lake.
Residents were unhappy with a previous meeting with the developers because their concerns were not addressed and the development would still take place despite their protests.

Sudesh said residents would start a signature campaign against the development.

Residents were peeved that MBPJ councillor Mohd Halil Haji Harun, who was in charge of their area, was not present despite having been informed of the event.

Puncak Dana Sdn Bhd had earlier explained to the residents that the area was not originally a lake and that approval was received in 1998 to build an 18-storey commercial building that was scaled down to a four-storey community shopping centre.

Subang MP Sivarasa Rasiah was also present at the protest.


Val said...

Man made or not, it is always nice to have a lake nearby. Being a teenager once, I can vouch that a mall will definitely encourage truancy ! Don't we have enough malls already ?

Makkal Sakthi said...

There are schools nearby, condo so close and its the only green area that was left untouched until now. The developer is really stepping on it with works and our local councillors are not doing anything about it. I will leave you to figure out whats going on $$$.

Makkal Sakthi said...

Take a look at Sime compared to Puncakdana. There are so many parks, green areas and wider roads compared to where Puncakdana builds. Talk about corporate social responsibility and buidling communities and homes rather than just for PROFIT AND SHORT TERM GAINS such as Puncakdana does!