Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SECURITY ALERT and suggestion....

We had a community Policing meeting at Section 14 and I met your assistant. We were informed of a gang of 3 foreigner operation in PJ doing house breaking. They drive a Perdana silver colour . Modus operandi consists of a female ring door bell to check whether a house is empty before her two male companion strike.

It may be useful if all condominiums can be notified of this gang who may be renting in our condo. Ask the guard to note if some western looking group with a silver Perdana live in our property. If so inform the Police to investigate further.

It may be useful is we want to form a legal fully support Condominium central organization if you can write to all chairman of JMB or MC inviting their to become a registered paying member of your organization. Individuals cannot make such decision without Council or General meeting agreement as required by the Strata Titles Act

Just something for your consideration.

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