Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More on Security - Pros and Cons

It is about time that someone did initiate a networking system amongst the JMCs. The security problems that BP is facing is somewhat similar to what Armanee Damansara Damai (ADD) is facing. At ADD, we are using a security company called East West Security Services. We have 21 guards during the night and 22 guards during the day. Basically, the guards have 4 locations to man.1. Guardhouse at main entrance2. Clubhouse3. Block A4. Block B5. Block CThis excludes the podium and general compound. We have door and barrier gate access systems and CCTV. When we took vacant possession, we applied for the Residents Card but until now, it has not taken effect. Coming to your questions :- Access Card SystemIt is quite costly even to maintain. Storms usually paralyse the system - lightning strike and water exposure. You will not only have to deal with this but to also also train the guards. At ADD, the guards have a habit of manually operating the boom gates and door access. Yes, we have 2 guards, day and night, based at the respective residential blocks. No matter how many times I have tried to explain to them that they must now operate the system manually, they just never listen. Yes, it is a good system but it has to be properly planned and executed. Do not save on the protection system; lightning arrestors and surge protectors. We learnt a very expensive mistake ! Our boom gate access card system is presently on a monthly rental basis. CCTVCCTV's are a great security tool but again, are expensive to maintain. This is again a system that is sensitive to the weather. CCTV's are only good if you have a responsible guard to man the system. At ADD, our system is from the dinosaur ages - using VHS (now using hard disc) and another system is non-recordable. Our monitors are B&W. I learnt from friends that you need to be careful when selecting systems because many are light sensitive. In the night, your recordings are nothing more than patches of blured images. Access Card to ResidencesPerfect. This is what we were looking into. Again, there are pros and cons. Security is enhanced but each time a resident has a visitor, the resident will be inconvenienced because he/she will actually have to collect the visitor from the lobby. That's unless you have an intercom system with a "bypass" switch that you can activate from your unit. One-Way Door Access at Emergency ExitsIn my personal opinion, this is something dangerous in the event of a fire. If residents are caught in the emergency exits between floors, they too will not be able to access the "safe" floors - Not just burglars ! These are just some light opinions that I thought I'd share with all of you. Looking forward to more input. Regards,Valery

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