Sunday, September 7, 2008

PJS1 flats riddled with problems

RESIDENTS at the Petaling Utama Flats in PJS1, Petaling Jaya, are unhappy with many issues at their low-cost flats, which they said stems from an irresponsible developer who does not provide satisfactory services.
“Our problems include irregular and dirty water supply, shoddy maintenance work at our flats, lifts that don’t function well, and not having a playground, field and community hall even though they were supposed to be provided by the developer,” said Petaling Utama PJS1 Residents Association (RA) assistant secretary M. Sugumaran.
“We aren’t given any prior notice when our water supply is cut off. The situation is so bad that once our water supply was cut off for three days, and a disabled person slipped and died when he was carrying water up to his flat.
Not fit for consump tion: The dirty water supply at the Petaling Utama Flats in PJS1, Petaling Jaya.
“According to a letter dated Aug 1, 2006, that was sent to the then Selangor Mentri Besar, the developer promised to refund 28 ground floor flat owners RM7,000 each in two portions but they have yet to do so.”
Sugumaran explained: “Each ground floor unit, measuring 650 sq feet in size, was supposed to be sold at RM35,000 (per unit).
“But the developer sold it at RM42,000 (per unit), which is the price for the first to 11th floor units that measure 700 sq feet in size. Hence the RM7,000 refund.”
He said that some residents are so upset that they have ceased paying bills owed to the developer.
“The developer has been using their cronies to call for meetings and handle residents’ issues, even though our RA represents the 627 units at Blocks C and D of the Petaling Utama Flats,” claimed Sugumaran.
“We pay our water bills to the developer, but they don’t forward our payments to Syabas. “Our water meters are checked at odd hours and the charges vary every month.
“The developer shouldn’t charge interests for delayed payments as most residents can’t afford the high payment.”
On the water supply and charges which are managed by the developer, he said that the residents want those to be taken over by Syabas.
“We want the new state government to uphold their promise to take care of the low income group and provide us the first 20 cubic metres of water free. We also want them to take action against the developer.”
Sugumaran said that they have highlighted their problems with the developer to the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) and their local assemblyman and MP (from both the previous and current government), but have yet to receive any feedback.
The committee members are also upset that they are not invited or updated about any meetings held between the developer, MBPJ and their local representatives.
Taman Medan assemblyman Haniza Talha said that the water supply was cut off because residents did not pay their water bills and that there is a community hall in PJS1.
“However, if the developer is at fault, then the MBPJ must take the developer to task.
“It’s a long process but we are working on resolving the issues,” said Haniza.
“The residents cannot expect seven years of problems to be gone in five months.”

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