Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ON SECURITY - Pros and Cons

Hi everyone First, please let me do the introduction and then the purpose of this e-mail. I am Jock Chew, an elected member of Bayu Puteri (BP) Apartments JMC located in PJ Tropicana. I have met some of you while have been in touch with the rest via phone or emails previously. CM Chong is from ShangVilla condo, Kelana JayaRobert Foong, Anthony Goh & SC Lim are from Pelangi Damansara AptsValery is from Armanee Damansara Damai CondoWC Wong is from Sri Pinang CondoHY Lin is from Sri Intan 2 CondoS Venkat is from Bunga RayaAnthony is from Kenanga Condo, PuchongChua is from Akasia Apts, Puchong Before that, I must apologise as I have not sought your permission to reveal your email addresses. The purpose of this e-mail is to establish a contact with representatives of other high rise buildings to form a network of supports and sharing of information and experiences.
It is hoped that by so doing, all of us are enriched and be able to bring about positive changes to our respective JMB or MC. In this e-mail, I would like to discuss and hopefully you could also share with the rest, your own experiences on the issue on SECURITY. Presently, BP has retained the security firm, BERTAM Security Services, but is looking for a better alternative. Bertam has a mix of local and foreign guards but the security officers are local. Due to relatively low paying at between RM4.50 - 5.00/hr, these guards are more used for guarding than security. Because of occassional complaints on breakins, vandalism, car thefts, the guards are often blamed rather than the lack of over-sight by the property manager. In addition, rather than improving supervision or getting more quality and well paying guards, BP is proposing to: - introduce an electronic touch card system as resident ID cards for all residents - install more CCTVs at lift lobbies, inside lifts and other strategic area- install access control via pass cards into all tower lifts- install one way access door locks at emergency staircase exits These proposals are being opposed by some residents as premature, impractical or "putting the cart before the horse". My questions to you are: 1. Do you have a resident ID card system? If so, what type? Who manages it? How effective? Costs, etc? 2. Do you in favour of more CCTVs and more security gadgets? What are the downsides? 3. How are you currently managing security issues in your own buildings? You may share your views with all the rest of us. JOCK CHEW

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