Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our Concerns To Be Raised in Parliament

The following is a question that YB R SIVARSA the Member of Parliament for SUBANG will raise in Parliament at the coming session beginning on 16th June 2009.

Tuan R. Sivarasa [Subang] meminta Menteri Kerajaan Tempatan dan Perumahan menyatakan apakah rancangan yang sedang dan akan diambil oleh kementerian untuk mengatasi masalah pengurusan kediaman berstrata khasnya di pangsapuri kos rendah yang timbul akibat Akta 663 yang diperkenalkan dalam tahun 2007.

We look forward to the response from the Minister. We hope to be able to post the response here.

Meanwhile, we would like to say a big Thank You to YB Sivarasa for raising our concerns. We hope that the problems faced by Strata Titles Property owners will be given due attention by all concerned.

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PMPM said...

My main concern is that the Act seemed to be full of loopholes resulting the so called misleading "you can formulate your own bye laws" or some lawyers the Act is "silent" on certain matters and therefore the JMC can formulate its own "laws". The law should be formulated by normal realistic, on the ground owners with little legal knowledge. In formulating the Act conditions like the lack of interest of owners in even attending the AGM should be taken into account. It is no good to everytime blame the owners "oh that is your fault". Even if these owners were to attend they may not even understand to decide on matters whuich they are absolutely ignorant! The law is also no good if at almost every phrase you have to consult a lawyer for interpretation. As it is the Act is good for money making for irresponsible lawyers.