Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gated and Guarded.....

Bill specifies terms and conditions

THE Gated and Guarded Communities Bill 2009 was drafted by the Tropicana Residents Association to allow the installation of barriers and/or boom gates at the entry and exit points to the area.

It also addresses the appointment of security guards to operate the barriers and/or boom gates and to patrol the community.

It also touches on several issues like the application for approval of a gated and guarded community.

The application for approval for new developments has to be made by the developer to the local authority before the development is approved.

It also said that the developer shall inform buyers of the conditions of such communities through provisions in the sale and purchase agreements, especially on matters relating to the cost of provision and maintenance of security services.

Application for approval of an existing gated and guarded community shall be made by the registered residents’ association (RA) only to the local authority, with consent of at least 51% of the registered owners.

The developer or the registered RA, if applicable, would have the power to fix and collect service charges for the provision of security services and facilities by the developer provided such charges are agreed to by at least 51% of the registered owners and approved by the local authority.

The bill also states that all payments for service charges, whether by the developer or RA, shall be deducted from the annual assessments paid by the owners to the local authority.

Among other issues addressed are the authorisation of security guards, use of guard dogs, powers of stopping, arrest and detention, power to stop vehicles, power to require the production of national registration identity card within the community, power to require the production and inspection of driving licence, 24-hour operation of barriers and boom gates, construction of guardhouses and erecting fencing.

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