Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Perils of a Mediator

In recent weeks, CAHC has been involved in an MC problem where we were invited in to assist as a “mediator”.
However, in this particular MC, the problems between the two factions of the Council Members have gone to a very personal level where common sense appears to have gone down the gutter. Thus, even the “mediators” are targeted.
If the mediator says something that seem to favour one side, the other would lodge complaints to whoever that will listen, against the mediator. The “mediators” involved here includes the Wakil Rakyat: complaints have been lodge with the party headquarters and even a threat to complaint to the Mentri Besar. Other “mediator” includes the local council where a lawyer’s letter was sent to the council by one faction.
The CAHC who is also a “mediator” has not been spared from these complaints either. Complaints against the representative of CAHC have been made to the COB and to the wakil rakyat. The complainant is of course the faction that felt that the CAHC representative had not spoken in their favour.
Here I would like to state that in all instances of people problems within either an MC or JMB/JMC, CAHC will always maintain a neutral stand; not siding either side. We will maintain our objectives of protecting the rights of the majority of owners.
Thus in the above case, we will stand firm in protecting the rights of the majority of the owners; whatever happens. Thus the owners should have no fear that we will abandon them. We will continue to stand by them and give our advice accordingly; even when we face verbal abuse and insults from unappreciative owners / council – committee members.

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PMPM said...

Yes, at one particular condo, it is really amazing a group of 5 Council members work with such meticulous (crooked) plans that they think they could get away with all their "projects". These 5 council members practically OUTVOTED one council member on practically every issue! Thank goodness due to the tirelss fighting spirit of this "lone ranger" and a few concerned owners the wrongdoings of these 5 irresponsible council members have been finally put to a stop for the time being. AND despite of the "neutral" stand made by mediators, the truth has prevailed. The guilty party tried to get mediators involved in trying to get their agenda justified. Although initially the mediators seemed to support their "grievances" finally realised how they were being misled and finally distance themselves from this group. And these council members are now going around spreading the news that the mediators have been biased towards them. During a dialouge gathering one of them was so braved (or stupid) to admit selling the fire insurance to his own Insurance Agent Company and offers no apology, instead asked the owners if he did not deserve the commision!