Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Water Issues

A forum between residents of Pandan and Ampang was held between Syabas on 10 May 08 at MPAJ office. Present was YB Iskandar Exco for Housing. CAHC was represented by Datuk Karim and Sazali Hashim.
1. Selangor government has been asked to legislate the migration of water meters and billing i.e make it mandatory for SYABAS to read and bill the meters individually, without going thorough a third party.

2, Third party should be eliminated i.e the management. SYABAS also said that many apartments and condos have not submitted their request for migration. AND they also found out that though residents have signed up for migration, the developer or the management did not submit the forms to SYABAS. One example was a developer in Puchong who admitted not submitting the forms because they do not want the migration.Therefore, residents are asked to check again with the developer. If action was not taken, residents association should take the initiative to do the following: 1. go to the Syabas office in charge of your area and get the necessary forms 2. Residents to fill up the forms, give them back to the Residents Association.

3. RA then submit the forms direct to SYABAS without going through the developerAt the last meeting with SYABAS, they said that the developer should submit the forms, but because developers have not been submitting the forms, RAs can now do it.First check with the developer if they had submitted the forms or not!!!

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