Friday, June 13, 2008

A Response

submitted by kiew

Reading your Blog on Palm Spring Condo, I suggest that the JMC member approach the Ministry of Housing and Local Government Enforcement Department at Damansara government Office Complex Block B, 3rd Floor Pusat Damansara. The Developer in failing to provide the required audited annual account on the management of the Condo has violated the law under the Housing Development (Control and Licensing) Act 1966. The failure to provide accounts later that 2005 when it is now 2008 is not acceptable. If the JMC file a complaint the enforcement division can then take action.

I suggest that the JMC get hold of the Act that can be bought from Book stores in the country for detail and better understanding of their position and term of responsibility and rights.

On the issue of religious picture and symbol hung outside the doors of resident, you said that we living in a multi-faith country needs to exercise tolerance. Does it then means we need not have sensitivity as well! Our approach to the Commissioner of Building PJ Office seems to have an evasive response in view of the sensitivity of the issue. The Condo management was told to handle it as well seen fit. I think there must be some official ruling on such an issue, like keep pets in Condo.

On water charges, all I hope for is a fair deal in water charges not free water. Water fro the sky is free. However treated water has a cost to bear and I DO NOT SEE WHY IT CAN BE FREE. Who then is to pay for the treatment?

The present charge on water for strata buildings is not fair as apartment and condo dwellers have to pay premium rate while richer landed property owner pay less. There is some thing not right with our law here. Our law is meant to be fair and just. Where is the justice here? All I can hope for is a change in the law making every consumer equal in the eye of the law and thus equally treated. I hope Edward can help bring this to the State Government and change the law as required. Water is a state matter and can be handle each state at a time. I hope Selangor can take the lead..

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