Wednesday, June 4, 2008

House Rules - (from a member)

I need your help.
I need to draw up a set of house rules for my jmc.
Hope you are able to salvage a soft copy from somewhere for my reference and adaptation.
My developer, is a super con man, swearing that they have been giving me a set wth every document they send me.



the-new-dave said...

To whoever you are and whichever development you come from.

I am also in the midst of setting up house rules for my JMB. We are a 5-storey walk up apartment setup without condo type facilities.

I have in hand a hard copy of sample house rules in BM. Am trying to make a soft copy of it. Also trying to translate it into english.

Unfortunately this is a very expensive job - time wise. If you can get me some help, there'll be mutual benefit. just drop a reply ehre.


David from the East End of the Klang Valley

Val said...

Hi, if you still need a soft copy of House Rules, Please do email me at