Monday, June 2, 2008

Puchong Intan

from of Puchong Intan Apartment want a speedy solution to their woes and reckon their Member of Parliament, Gobind Singh Deo, would be the person to deliver. They have several outstanding matters to resolve with the developer, Max Benefit Sdn Bhd. Since the residents seem to get nowhere, not even with the Subang Jaya Municipal Council, they have enlisted Gobind’s help. There was a meeting among the three parties — the residents represented by the Puchong Intnan Joint Management Board (JMB) - two weeks ago. The council was represented by its secretary Slamat Hamzah and Commissioner of Buildings Nor Azmi Mohd Rosli.According to JMB secretary Baharun Ngah, the issues discussed during the meeting were inadequate parking, spoilt lifts, outstanding Liquidated As cer tained Damages (LAD) payment and the hand-over of accounts.A new meeting was fixed for end May.When contacted yesterday, however, Baharun said there was no news from either the council or developers.As such, they decided to get Gobind involved.Said Gobind: “There are two aspects to this, which are the LAD claims and the condition of the apartments. I advised that the two should be dealt with separately."“The LAD issue seems pretty straightforward. So, I don’t understand why it has not been paid yet.” The apartments were supposed to be completed in 2002 but was extended to 2004. However, residents received their keys in June, 2005.Gobind intends to meet with Max Benefit and MPSJ after receiving a list from the JMB on those involved and the problems.

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