Sunday, April 4, 2010

Complaint Against COB - MBPJ

The following was received from a concerned reader:

Dear High rise building unit owners in MBPJ' area:

We believe that you, like us, would have experienced numerous problems when seeking the help of COB to enforce the ACT 663 diligently n professionally.

Here is our experience:

1.Pn Maria, the COB Officer, seems to act more like a little Napoleon'

Her objective seems to only be to frustrate every complaint made to her.

2.The Dato Bandar seems to condone her actions or, should we say, inaction.

3.Our patience n respect to Dato Bandar n Maria of COB has been tested severely and we have been treated like fools.

4. In a recent meeting, Pn Maria even admitted she took no action on complaints as Act 663 does not give COB powers to punish those who don’t follow COB directives! Hence she is waiting for the Act to be amended(!) before she could take any action.

We therefore call on all parties affected by COB, MBPJ to work as a team and propose the following action to be taken collectively:

1.prepare a memorandum or send your complaint to Menetri Besar,all exco members,all ADUNs n all MPs,maybe PM n Sultan of Selangor seeking out our legitimate complaints that have been ignored.(extend a copy of your complaint letter to us).

2.If we do not get any response in,say, 2 weeks we will get a police permit to organize a picketing in front of MBPJ to request for ENFORCEMENT & call for a press conference.

3.Report to Police n MACC n request them to investigate Maria n Dato Bandar for possible dereliction.

This is my complaint letter to PCB and MB and some others Exco.

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