Monday, November 3, 2008

Your Views and Comments Solicited......

Hi All,

JMB Maxwell Towers is in the process for selecting Property Management Services (PMS) agent to assist with the running of maintenances as well as improvement projects from Jan 2009. At this stage, we have short listed a number of potential companies.

Our approach is to have a certain number of people from the PMS agent based at the condo, e.g. property manager, billings/accounts/admin clerk, technician and handyman. We would engage service providers to perform the major ongoing tasks. Clearly, the extend we would add to on-site staff would depend on JMB willingness to commit to improvements in maintenance and enhancement projects. All these will be highly influenced by effordability.

To assist our considerations on PMS agent, we would welcome comments on two companies, Izrin & Tan and Global Property Services. We are interested to know if anyone of you have comments on their performance as follows:

Ability to take over/start up operations: setting up contracts with Services Providers, billings & collections and appointment of competent on-site personnel
Track record in delivering good value
Track record in monitoring and managing service providers to deliver promised services
General ability to maintain capable staff and efficient "standard operating procedures"
Please do provide your comments directly to me if you wish to maintain a level of confidentiality as well as to avoid any of your comments being taken out of context.

I hope we can share our experiences with PMS agents and services providers.

Many thanks and regards
Gary Yeoh
JMC Maxwell Towers


CAHC said...

Hi Gary May I offer some of my own experiences and observations. 1 If you already have a short list, prepare a good draft of contract for each of them to prepare the quotations. This is to ensure a level playing field. Ask for full project reference list as well as the latest company audited accounts. 2. Once all bids are received, say in 2 weeks, go through a full technical and financial clarification meeting separately with them. Give yourselves a grading system to evaluate. 3. Although preferrable, the mgt co. nee not be affiliated with an allied professional body as this may be expensive as the body has its own professional scheduled fees which may not be negotiable. Besides, under the Act 663, this is not required as any competent company could be able to do it. However, great care must be applied to ensure: a. the company is legally constituted and has the experience and the proper manpower b. its financial and other track records are impecable c. it provides for a full PA and thrid party liability insurance cover d. randomly, request to visit one or two of their reference sites to see how the place is managed, take pictures to bring back to your council members e. talk to the respective JMCs, MCs, get their contacts to do follow up checks 4. By having chosen a good management company, the battle is only half won as the JMB/JMC or MC must still be closely and actively involved. The former can only take your instructions and may not be innovative or imaginative in places where you most wanted. Such as in cost savings, energy conservations, up grading, landscaping/beutification works, etc. 5. As all council members are non-remunerated volunteers, it may be good to engage a part time (retired?) resident to serve as the council's administrator as well as to provide the needed supervision over the management company especially in areas like engaging sub-contractors, handling and addressing complaints and in purchases. The person preferrably should have some technical knowledge in construction or building management experience. Hope this helps.

Hoe said...

Hi Gary. I'm in the JMC of Ken Damansara III in Petaling Jaya. Recently, we have also gone thru' the exercise to appoint the Property Management company as the developer was getting out. We had only 3 months to do it and quickly evaluated and interviewed 3 parties, i.e. WTW, Izrin & Tan and Henry Butcher. Of the 3, WTW was obviously the most expensive. In the interview, we found both I&T and HB more approachable. Eventually, the JMC decided to appoint HB due to their reputation and also we have seen other condos managed by them and were fairly confident they will do the job. It's been 1+ month since they've moved in and so far, we're quite happy with their performance and commitment to the job.