Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Anyone with comments on this?


1. This is an excellent site, however I had to do a lot of searching before locating the email address to send this mail. I would suggest a prominent 'contact' logo on the CAHC header or perhaps a standard 'Contact CAHC' appended to all letters published. You will probably see a lot more mail.

2. I have some questions, firstly... can Condos be renovated (specifically PJ) such that the outer facade of the condo looks different from the others? Eg, glass up or wall up an open balcony, or perhaps enclose the entire open frontage of a balcony with grills? Personally I think this distorts the aesthetics of the building.

3. Can condo owners stick drainage pipes from the side of their condos, to resolve water drainage problems within their units? Such pipes ofcourse would end up shooting water to unsuspecting people below. This may sound a silly question, but there are such cases in the place I live. Are there local council laws that govern such modifications?

4. On water leakage issues from one condo to the unit below, causing large unsightly damp moldy patches on the ceiling arising from a defective pipe (either incoming water supply or drainage from bath area) - are there applicable local council laws that require the party whose pipe is leaking to repair such? What can be done if the party refuses to carry out the required repairs?

Would appreciate your feedback on these matters.

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