Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A JMB Committee needs your assistance...comments?

Hi Everyone, I need some information from you guys especially those of you who have formed the JMB and have taken over from the previous Management Corp. If you are not in the JMB, appreciate if you could help to find out from your respective JMB: I need your help on the following:- 1. Lift - under comprehensive maintenance, some spare parts are not covered under comrprehensive agreement. Do you ask and are given the discount on these spare parts when they are replaced? If so, what is the discount rate given to you? 2. Do you go for comprehensive or the general maintenance agreement? What are your rationale for the selection? I need the information by, like yesterday, as we need to finalise the negotiation with the vendor for the maintenance agreement to be signed. Therefore, I would appreciate if you could respond as soon as you can before the end of today. Million thanks for your help and I apologise for having to rush you in this matter. Best regards Jenny

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Taufeq Rahim said...

We go for the general maintenance (independent certified contractor). Our apartment have 6 building all together and each building have 3 separate lift. So to have a comprehensive maintenance on 18 lifts (with our current MC rate) is not possible.