Tuesday, October 20, 2009

of Lavender, Dogs and the Smell...

Developer agrees to clean up the mess

THE developer of Vista Lavender in Puchong has agreed to channel its sewage discharge to a proper outlet.

According to Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) president Datuk Adnan Md Ikshan, the developer has agreed to resolve the matter after a recent meeting.

“We will wait until December for them to do the necessary work,” he said.

StarMetro had reported on the channelling of sewage discharge into the main drain which leads to the Klang River.

It is believed that the illegal activity had been going on at the site for more than five years.

According to residents, the overflow from a sewerage manhole in the basement of the 15-storey Block A is being diverted into the main drain.

The developer has built a concrete barrier around the overflowing manhole and created an outlet to channel the sewage into a main drain.

During the meeting, Adnan also spoke about the lack of cleanliness with regard to high-rise residential areas.

He said that the problems were caused by the attitude of the residents.

“You find them throwing rubbish everywhere like in the lifts, pathways and out the windows, which is not right,” he said.

He also spoke about complaints of stray dogs at high-rise buildings.

“We have spoken to the joint management bodies (JMBs) and they have said that action will be taken.

“MPSJ is willing to offer assistance in such matters because we know that most of these JMBs are barely a year old,” he said

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sharonlili said...

The sewerage problem has only been fixed recently before CNY as in Jan when there were constant downpour daily, the basement smelt of feces and was flooded with sewerage water up to 1 foot.
As for now, one of the lift in Blc E has been down since the week before CNY (Feb 2010) and is still not fixed. Rumour has it that someone burnt it. If the security actually did their rounds routinely, this would not have happened.
Additionally, there are many stupid things that the JMB has done in the name of safety which uncomprehensible ie. building railings on the ground flr to avoid motorcycles being driven into the lift (If security was great, no one would loose their bikes), not allowing residents to move out on weekends but only moving in (doesn't both involves moving and noise and lift congestions?), not putting mirrors at accident-prone corners in the basement car park though its been brought up since a year ago etc.
It isn't fair to say that residents caused the uncleanliness as the developer didn't built proper rubbish shutes instead of dumping area. Many modern apartments have shutes which can address this scattered rubbish issue.
Why then does the newspapers still publish lies about the place? It's time someone with authority out there hears us. I've made complaints to the papers and Subang MPs but all have fallen on deaf ears. Are you guys really doing your MP job or only when you gain publicity? Please don't disappoint your people who voted for you.