Wednesday, July 30, 2008

something from the mail....

Any comments for these issues?

Presently there are a number of issues regarding our JMB which must also becommon to most other new JMBs.

Top of which is on how to ensure an efficient and integral management ofJMB.such as:

- JMB constitution - do we need one?

- standard operating procedures particularly those relating to limit of
financial authority to enter contracts, approve and disburse funds, etc- office bearers and their respective roles and responsibilities.

- relationship and requirements expected for property manager and otherservice providers,- contacts with other JMBs


Val said...

There are just too many unanswered questions regarding the JMB and JMC. The Act itself has too many interpretations. We have been advised that we cannot remove a chairman and the only way to do so is by convening an EGM which is no simple task. Quorums have also been questioned. The quorum for committee meetings must consist of the chairman + 50% of the committee. What happens if the chairman cannot attend, or is ill ? Do we still proceed with the meeting to address important issues or do we keep diferring meetings until the chairman becomes available ? The Act has failed to consider that chairmen may be working owners or owners of businesses. We have decided to defy the Act and proceed with our meetings by electing a chairperson for the meeting instead. Our conclusion....having a meeting and getting results are better than no meetings. Let the COB dispute this !

trisha said...

Yes. I agree with what you said. The law is still unclear about governing strata title properties and thus cause a lot of woes for JMB/MCs elected to hold office. Moreover, we have residents who do not have their titles making so much noise and yet are defaulters.