Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Have you got a similar problem?

I had a bad experience, i.e. somebody not unit owner being voted into the JMC and his name submitted to the COB by the developer. This in itself could be grounds to declare the first AGM faulty and the whole elections suspect, since the developer had failed miserably to determine the voting rights of attendees (I honestly could not tally the count and I, chairman of the AGM and elected to the JMC is supposed to be absent according to the attendance listing!).

I am sure most of us do not know the secret background of our fellow committee members if they have any. For this reason, I have drafted a "Declaration of Eligibility to Hold Office" which I want all my JMC members to sign. It is attached herewith. Please be frank and direct with your comments and opinions if any. I might raise this matter at the forum if time permits.

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