Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Can defaulting owners attend AGM?

Owners who have defaulted on their payments CAN attend AGM/EGM. They could also express their opinions and ask questions but CANNOT VOTE nor eligible to hold office.

Tempers flare at condo EGM

The newly elected members of Prima Setapak Condominium Joint Manage-ment Committee (JMC) have their work cut out for them after several unresolved issues were raised during their annual general meeting (AGM) earlier this year.

“Our first order of business will be to go through all the documents from the previous JMC.

“After that, we will most likely call for another extraordinary general meeting (EGM) to discuss the issues,” JMC chairman Frankie Ang said.

He said among the issues were the stalled front entrance upgrading project and the approval of allowances by and for the previous JMC members without the residents’ consent.

Tense: A resident (in pink) who allegedly had not paid her maintenance fees being asked by Rela members to leave the EGM.

“I also just found out that the JMC may be getting sued by the management company over a lift maintenance issue,” Ang said.

The previous JMC had resigned en bloc at the end of July, about three weeks after the AGM where many resolutions were not adopted after residents questioned how their condominium funds were being used.

A total of 120 unit owners from a total of 770 were present at the EGM that got off on a heated note after a unit owner who allegedly had not paid the maintenance fees had to be ushered out of the meeting by Rela members.

Many residents voiced their grouses at the event and tempers flared before the four-hour long meeting came to an end.

The meeting ended with the majority deciding on electing three unit owners from each of the three condominium blocks.

Evien Ho was elected secretary, Frankie Pek the treasurer while Benjamin Teh, Pajan Singh, Ting Sing Ho, Ting Tieng King, Tee Hui Hong and Wong King Seng are ordinary committee members.

The condominium is located in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur and has a total of 770 units with most being rented out.

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