Monday, February 8, 2010

From Down South

ANyone has any comments on this?

Dear Sir,

Recently we had a meeting with the management of developer on the issue of having an office to run the daily operation of JMB. JMC memebers are of the view that developer should have built an office for us but the developer management said they had no obligation to bouild an office for since there is no rule or regulation stating so.

Is there any advice from you on this issue? Or is there any act or regulation that we can refer to as a supporting document so that we have better grounds to request for an JMB office from the developer?

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spccomp said...

The Developer is right to state that they are under no obligation to build or provide an office for the JMB use. However, the JMC representing the JMB have control of all common property in the building/development.

In view of the same, the JMC can rent an office within the building/development or build an office within the common property subject to approval from relevant authorities.