Friday, April 24, 2009


Anyone with ideas or have experience to share?

Mr Lim wrote:

My neighbour unit had been turned into Nepalese Guard
> hostel and worst still it is overcrowded with at least 12
> and above staying in the unit of 3 rooms.
> My unit is affected by this unit since their bathrooms and
> cooking area are near and directly facing my unit.
> I reported to the management but our house rules did not
> state the maximum person to stay in a unit.
> It is very annoying and I am worried of the health
> conditions that might caused by the unit.
> I am very fustrated and currently looking for help else
> where.
> Can you advise anything can be done ? Our JMB also told
> me the same answer.
> My condo's house rules is not as detail as other
> condominiums.
> Please advise.
> Need help


Nicholas said...

Hi Mr. LIm,

The Local Government Act, sec 79 defines :-
78. Any person who permits a house to be so overcrowded as to
be injurious or dangerous to the health of the inhabitants shall be
guilty of an offence and shall on conviction be liable to a fine not
exceeding two thousand ringgit or to a term of imprisonment not
exceeding six months or with both and to a further fine not
exceeding one hundred ringgit for each day during which the
offence is continued after conviction.
When house to be deemed “overcrowded”
79. For the purpose of this Act a house shall be deemed to be
so overcrowded as to be dangerous or prejudicial to the health of
the inhabitants thereof if it or any room therein is found to be
inhabited in excess of the proportion of one adult to every three hundred and fifty cubic feet of clear internal space, and in such calculation every person over ten years of age shall be deemed an
adult and two children not exceeding ten years of age shall be
counted as an adult.

Hope this helps.

wwce said...

Any clear defination of "room" in the LGA, sec 79? Anyone in out there can help to on this? The calculation of 350 ft3 clear internal space per person applies to bedroom only, excluding toilet, kitchen, living room ?
If it is, then say, one unit has 2 bed rooms : Room1=2.7 persons, room2= 2.9 persons, so the maximum no is (2 + 2)=4 persons or (2.7 + 2.9)= 5.6 or to the lower whole no = 5 or the higher whole no = 6? Anybody can help?

I want ro rent out my condo unit as a student hostel, assuming no erection of any partition whatsoever. What JMB or MC can do to stop me from doing so?