Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Security Problems...

I am a resident of Tiara Apartment, and standing for election for the committee members. At the present moment, we are facing one very critical issue whereby one of our residents ( a bachelor) who is staying alone in a rented unit, last night chopped a visitor's head with a "parang" ( suspected taken some form of drugs). The visitor is actually on the way up the staircase to visit a friend. He was overpowered by some residents and police, and was taken away to the police station.Whereby the victim was taken to the hospital. A check by the police found that in his car have another "parang" and some cable cutter and tools for break in. But today he was released, according to some neighbours. We as residents are worried of this man, said to be just released from jail 6 months ago. What can we do as residents to protect our safety of our family and children ? And what can the Joint Mgt Committee do in their capacity ?

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luxen said...

I think there is a few things you can do:

1. Find out if he is the tenant or owner of the unit. If he is the tenant, speak to the owner to see if the owner can terminate the tenant's occupancy. If he is the owner, then not much can be done about this.

2. Ask the guards to watch for this person's movement.

3. Ask your guard supervisor to follow up with the Investigating Officer for this incident on the status on the case. Find out if he is out on police bail. If he violates his bail in any way, let the police know.