Thursday, December 11, 2008


Nicholas wrote:

I was just browsing through the archives and one issue caught my interest – SOP. I would like to share our experiences and our ideas that may help other JMCs or MCs.

Last year, there were many complaints by some owners regards the conduct of the MC in Kiara Green Townhouses (KGT) pertaining to approvals of expenditures and external renovations.

We then secured 25% petitions from owners and the CoB’s directive to that MC to convene an EGM. The result – I became the Chairman of the new MC and one of our tasks was the formulation and implementation of SOP as a check and balance as well as guide future council members as to their functions, responsibilities and effective management of KGT. By the way, we could have sued the previous members for certain irregularities but we realized that most of them were just ignorant and unaware and thus we let the matter be.

Our is probably a unique structure whereby the council members appointed at the EGM and future AGMs are separated into the Executive Committee(Exco) and an Oversight Committee (OS). The Exco is responsible for the day to day operations while the OS acts as the watchdog. All minutes and decisions will be forwarded to OS for their information. We also allow any owner/resident to attend any council meeting as observer, provided sufficient notice is given. Major issues, like expenditures over RM10,000 or critical decisions will trigger the OS to sit in and deliberate. If all are in agreement, the decisions are finalized there and then. If there is no unanimous decision, an EGM will be convened to decide the issues.

The SOP have served us well and we also insisted that the appointed property manager adheres to our procedures. By the way, any amendments to the SOP will firstly require the agreement of the OS and any other serious amendments will require the approval of all owners either at AGM or EGM. Our next AGM is around the corner and I have no qualms about handing over to others.

I hope you will find this worthwhile sharing with others.

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